PowerBI Content Pack – Getting Started

WebTuna has a Power BI content pack to allow users to visualize and interact with WebTuna usage and performance data in new ways. It pulls detailed data daily for the previous day (yesterday) and summary data for the previous 30 … Read More

How is WebTuna different to Google Analytics

The data provided by Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Web Analytics often crossover and sometimes there is confusion about whether you need one or the other or both. Quite often the users of the data is different with Web Analytics … Read More

Where can I find my REST API key and how do I use it?

Your REST API key can be generated on the Change Password screen under Admin. You can generate a new API key from here any time if you think your API key may have been compromised. To use your API key you … Read More

Deploy webtuna.js to SharePoint using WSP

If you want to deploy the webtuna.js for SharePoint across the whole SharePoint Farm rather than modifying master pages for each Site Collection on each web frontend server then you can use the SharePoint Solution Packages below. There are two … Read More

How can I capture the Web server machine name

If the web application you are monitoring has multiple frontend web servers and you would like to see performance broken down by servername then you can have the webtuna.js capture the servername by overriding the JavaScript function wt.server with your … Read More

Installing WebTuna real user monitoring for Atlassian Confluence

If you are using Confluence from Atlassian for team collaboration and need to monitor the real end user experience that is being delivered to all of your end users then WebTuna can be easily setup to track the performance of every page … Read More

How can I capture the users username?

If the web application you are monitoring requires a login and you would like to be able to track performance down to an individual user then you can have the webtuna.js capture the username by overriding the JavaScript function with … Read More

What metrics are collected?

Metrics sent from the users browser Page URL and Title of the page they visited The Referrer (the site from which they linked to yours in case it was not a ‘direct hit’) The Search Keywords (in the case where they hit … Read More

When and Where is the WebTuna data sent?

Several metrics are collected from the DOM (Document Object Model) of the users browser when the window.onload event fires. This is after the page has already loaded so it will not slow down the speed of the page load. A … Read More

How does it work?

WebTuna simply requires a small JavaScript file (webtuna.js) to be included on your pages. This JavaScript collects all the key performance and analytic metrics and asynchronously sends them to the WebTuna data center for processing after the page has loaded … Read More