Advanced filtering

Advanced filtering

On the Performance tab within WebTuna you can filter within the results in the table of results. This filters the data within the table of results that you are looking at. As well as simple filtering based on the search term you enter at the top you can also do some more advance filtering as described below.

Using a NOT condition

If you prefix a search term with a ! then that will find all records which do NOT match the search term.

Using an AND condition

Using a double ampersand between search terms will AND them together. E.g. product && riverbed finds all records matching both search terms.

Using an OR condition

Using a double pipe symbol between search terms will OR them together. E.g. blog || site finds all records matching either search term.

Getting more records

By default the top 500 records are retrieved but you can choose to return up to 10000 and then filter within them.

Using Greater than or Less than

Any numeric columns can be filtered using < or > for less than or greater than conditions.

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