Usage and Performance Analytics

Real user monitoring for any browser based application (Web sites, web apps, intranet apps, SaaS, SharePoint and more)

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Why WebTuna?

Understand Your User Experience

WebTuna captures every request from every user. It provides real time and historical analytics about the performance and usage of your web site or web application.

Performance Analytics

Usage and Performance

WebTuna lets you see how the pages and AJAX requests within your web site are performing and how the load times vary by Page, URL, Device, Browser, Operating system, User, Country and more. You will know when poor performance is affecting user experience and why.

Usage Analytics

Global view of Usage & Performance

WebTuna lets you see who is using you site and where in the world they are coming from. You can keep a check on the user adoption of your site and see which areas of the site are accessed most often and which are not.

Performance Details

Drill down to root cause

WebTuna shows you not just averages and percentiles but the full distribution of response times and the breakdown of where the time was spent whether it be DNS lookup, TCP connection, SSL, redirects, server side response time or fetching the page resources and loading the DOM (Document object model).

Session and User Details

Real User Monitoring

Since WebTuna captures every request from every user you can drill down into a specific users session and see every request they made and the response time. Without this kind of evidence, IT staff must rely on anecdotal information from end users. With WebTuna the process of troubleshooting issues for particular users is much faster.

What people say

" We deployed WebTuna, narrowed down the problem using its charts and analytics and got the site working right. "
Piyush Shah

- Cloud2 -

" We immediately understood that WebTuna offered the real end-user experience information we wanted to monitor. "
Frederik Bonde Lykke Nielsen

- COWI -

" WebTuna allows us to very quickly diagnose and solve user issues, as well as measuring our user engagement. "
Sarah Freestone

- SkyScanner -

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FoundationSP use WebTuna to help Ricardo engineer faster SharePoint access for users globally

"WebTuna allows us to very quickly diagnose and solve user issues, as well as measuring our user engagement."

Sarah Freestone, Internal Communications, SkyScanner

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