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WebTuna Real User Monitoring

MONITOR user experience with WebTuna

  • Track user performance 24/7
  • Build a long term history
  • ALL transactions
  • ALL users
  • ALL of the time
  • View performance by Country or City
  • View performance by Operating System or Browser version
  • Perfect way to understand quality of service over time


”WebTuna combines usage and performance analytics for web sites, web applications and intranets.”


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See what your real users are experiencing

We all understand that web and mobile application performance affects user behaviour. For intranet application that might be lost productivity for employees, for news or media sites that might be lost advertising revenue or for eCommerce sites that will usually translate into a direct impact your bottom line as users navigate away from your site to one of your competitors.

Using Real User Monitoring (RUM), WebTuna captures and aggregates the performance metrics most important to your business in real time. It gives you actionable real user intelligence needed to correlate the impact of performance on the bottom line. Data is presented to you in a easy-to-understand visual format giving you views of overall performance trends and the ability to drill down into individual user sessions and page views.

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