How does it work?

WebTuna simply requires a small JavaScript file (webtuna.js) to be included on your pages. This JavaScript collects all the key performance and analytic metrics and asynchronously sends them to the WebTuna data center for processing after the page has loaded … Read More

Where do I add the webtuna.js to my site?

First copy the webtuna.js to the root directory for your website Use FTP, SFTP or your normal upload method to copy the webtuna.js file into the a directory under your site. Then insert the JavaScript code into your site template … Read More

Where can I download the webtuna.js from?

WebTuna uses a small (5K) piece of JavaScript which you need to place into you site template in order to monitor your site. This JavaScript file is called webtuna.js. The webtuna.js JavaScript code collects several key performance and analytic metrics … Read More