PowerBI Content Pack – Getting Started

WebTuna has a Power BI content pack to allow users to visualize and interact with WebTuna usage and performance data in new ways. It pulls detailed data daily for the previous day (yesterday) and summary data for the previous 30 … Read More

Sending WebTuna metrics to StatusPage.io

In this example we are going to query the WebTuna REST API to pull a metric (Average page load time) every 5 minutes and push that data to be displayed inside StatusPage.io which is a popular way to create a Status page … Read More

Where can I find my REST API key and how do I use it?

Your REST API key can be generated on the Change Password screen under Admin. You can generate a new API key from here any time if you think your API key may have been compromised. To use your API key you … Read More

WebTuna REST API – simple PHP example

The PHP code below is a simple example of how to query the WebTuna REST API to get metric data programmatically. In this example it looks at the last 300 seconds (5 mins) of data and requests /rest/v1/activity/summary where type=page as … Read More