Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe

Here are some of the reasons you should think about signing up for WebTuna

Combines Web Analytics and Real User Performance

This means that within a single view you can see both the analytics of the pages viewed and visitors to your site and also the page load times they experienced.

100% of user requests are captured

Every page view or AJAX call from every user is captured unlike other solutions which only sample or show aggregated data.

Software-as-a Service (SaaS)

This means you only pay for what you use and there are no hardware costs, no storage costs and no software maintenance and patches for you to worry about.

Simple Install

 Just copy a small JavaScript file to your site and call it from your site template and you are ready to go.

Real User Performance

WebTuna measures the real performance of real users hitting your site in real-time.

Real-Time Performance Analysis and Reports

Unlike some web analytics tools, the information is provided in real-time meaning you can see straight away what performance the users on your site are experiencing


This allows you to visualise the users as they hit your site from around the globe. Operations centres can put this on their plasma screen displays to show a real time view of performance.

Granular drill down

Data is stored unaggregated for 30 days which means you can drill down to an individual user's session and page views and track exactly which sequence of pages they visited and the response time of each one. After this time data is rolled up for historical trending.

Historical Performance Analysis

Subscription options allow for up to 13 months of unaggregated data and 3 years of hourly summary data which means you can analyse trends over time or look at the information before and after major events. Whether they are hardware or software changes to your site, marketing campaigns or product launches.

Email Alerts & Reports

Get reports emailed to your inbox daily or weekly to be notified about performance and activity on your site.

For any usage or performance challenges, why not try WebTuna?

What people say

" We deployed WebTuna, narrowed down the problem using its charts and analytics and got the site working right. "
Piyush Shah

- Cloud2 -

" We immediately understood that WebTuna offered the real end-user experience information we wanted to monitor. "
Frederik Bonde Lykke Nielsen

- COWI -

" WebTuna allows us to very quickly diagnose and solve user issues, as well as measuring our user engagement. "
Sarah Freestone

- SkyScanner -

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